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                                                                                    E-PAYMENT SYSTEM (ONLINE PAYMENT)

You can make all your payments related to your legal business and transactions in cash to our bank accounts, or you can make installments to your credit card with the E-Payment system. Thanks to the E-Payment system, you can securely make payment for your attorney fees, expenses, business advances, executive file debts and other payments related to your files being followed by our law firm with your credit card in single payment or in 3-6-9-12 months installments to the contracted banks, via TURK Elektronik Para A.Ş.'s infrastructure.

You will be directed to the customized page for receiving payment on behalf of Mertcan YUMUK by PARAM brand of TURK Elektronik Para A.Ş., which has the infrastructure of with the E-Collection button on this page. All financial transfers made from here are protected by encryption technology in infrastructure.



  • At the top right of the page that opens, in the section "TAKING PAYMENT INFORMATION", confirming that the payment made to Av. Mertcan Yumuk;

  1. Fill in the information on the first page completely.

    1. Name surname

    2. Mobile number

    3. The nature of the payment made. (Attorney Fee, File Debt Payment, Job Advance, Expense and Other)

    4. Amount to be paid. (You can contact us to find out your file debt and / or the amount you will pay.)

    5. Description. Here, explain the subject of your payment (to which file it is related, etc.).

    6. Read the lighting text prepared by Turk Elektronik Para A.Ş. in accordance with the PDPL by accessing the "Clarification Text" link on the page.

    7. Please read Türk Elektronik Para A.Ş General Terms and Framework Agreement with the link "Click here to get information about the terms of service" located at the top right of the page.

  2. On the second page, choose the amount of single withdrawal or installments according to the type of credit card you will pay. (Commission charges are calculated automatically and covered by the payer.)

  3. Enter your credit card information on the third page and pay with 3D method. In order to pay with the 3D method, your credit card must be activated in 3D. In the 3D payment method, the payment is made by your bank by entering the password that will come to your mobile phone associated with your credit card.

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